About Monkey Dolls

Monkey Dolls are one of Wiltshire's premier covers bands.

They are a 3 piece, stripped back band, and cover a wide range of favourite artists and musical genres.

All 3 band members can sing, so you won't get bored of listening to the same voice all night.

At a Monkey Dolls show, you can expect great quality musicianship, hear some choice songs performed in Monkey Dolls' style, get involved, and have great fun!

Where to see Monkey Dolls

Venue Date Time
O'Neills, 90-91 High St, WinchesterFriday, 19th November 202122:00

The Band







Guitar and Vocals

Member since 2002

Seamus is a notable guitar player and singer. Sorry let me read that again, Seamus is a not-able guitar player and singer.

Drums and Vocals

Member since 2006

Pablo is a keen cyclist and can be found around Wiltshire's schools teaching cycling safety to his pupils.

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Member since 2018

Ash is a serial musician. As well as playing bass with Monkey Dolls, he is a member of The Scapegoats, and Bodge It and Scarper

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